The book takes its readers on an adventurous journey through a match of a novice boxer to a professional boxer lasting 12 rounds. Evan Holyfield will be your trainer coaching the reader through each round; which will build upon the previous round. preparing the youth for the next set of skills in boxing to be applied to their personal journey. The reader will quickly learn that the road to be a champion is not easy, but well worth it.


This book is packed with valuable gems instilled in Evan by his father, Evander Holyfield, a four-time heavyweight champion of the world. Evan applies his father’s knowledge to his life as he continues to grow as a boxer. There will also be history of some well-known matches to drive home the principles and enlighten readers about the sport of boxing.


At the end of each round, the “contender’s corner” advice will challenge the reader to reflect on their goals and obstacles to help them become a champion title holder. By the time the 12 rounds are completed, the reader will have the necessary tools to travel through life applying the principles of boxing to achieve any goals they set out to accomplish in life and be undefeated.